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Radical Forgiveness (ONLINE)
Free yourself from the Emotional Garbage to Live Fully!

Date: Tuesday November 14 | 6 pm México Central | 5 pm California | 7 pm Perú, Colombia

Schedule: 6:00 to 8:00 pm Central Mexico

Duration: 5 weeks (10 hours total)


Facilitated by: Araceli López, Heliberto Cano and Rodrigo Quiroz
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This course is not part of the Curriculum for the Science of Mind Practitioner Degree

The intention of this course is to get rid of the victim archetype, replacing it with something radically different; something so convincing and so liberating for the spirit that its magnetism takes us away from the archetype of victimhood. An element that takes us beyond the drama of our lives to see the entire canvas and the truth that, for the moment, remains hidden from us. By awakening to that truth, we understand the true meaning of our suffering and are able to immediately transform it.

A revolutionary process in five stages to:

  • Heal personal relationships
  • Release anger and guilt
  • Find peace in any circumstance

For our classes we use cutting-edge technology. To communicate we use video conferences during weekly classes. If required, we have an advisor on hand to train you in technology before the start of class. Classes are recorded and a log of everything written is kept.

Classes are limited to 12 students, in order to support each student in the most personal way possible. Classes consist of 2 hours in current time and are recorded; So in case of absence you can listen to everything that was said, see the presentations that were made, listen to the recorded meditations and / or exercises and send your questions and comments.

Requirements: Technological requirements:

  • High-speed internet access (3 MB or more)
  • Basic knowledge (or better) of Word or another word processor. It will be necessary to create trials and present projects.
  • Access (with privacy) to a computer with a headset, microphone and webcam.​
​All new interested will first have a personal interview of approximately 15 minutes, to clarify doubts and decide if this teaching system is appropriate for the interested party.

Credit Hours: 0

Fee: 100 USD

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