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REL 303 Historical Foundations of New Thought (ELE) (ONLINE)
Explore the Origin of the New Thought Movement and its Thinkers

Date: Soon

Schedule: 6-8 pm Mexico

Duration: 8 Classes


Onlines Course of Escuela de Liderazgo Espiritual (ELE)


Facilitated by: Inés Grau and Maritza Morales, DirE.

This course belongs to the Centers for Spiritual Living's School of Leadership (ELE) for the Spanish-speaking world.

During the course, students will learn about important people who led the New Thought Movement, including Franz Anton Mesmer, Phineas Quimby, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Transcendentalists such as Mary Baker Eddy, Warren Felt Evans, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins. They will discuss the 19th century American situation and the religious movements that began at the same time as the New Thought and how they were exported to South America; and they will be able to create their own informed opinions about what influences their thinking and spiritual teachings today and what it might look like tomorrow.

The course is offered in a hybrid format, which balances two hours per week participating in synchronous time and several hours during the week with activities, dialogues, and videos in asynchronous time, at the convenience of each person.

Dr. Rebeka Piña is the Dean of the Centers for Spiritual Living School of International Spiritual Leadership that offers this Ministerial Education program specifically designed for the needs of the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Important: This course is open to all Practitioners of Science of Mind in the Spanish-speaking world, whether they wish to continue their training to become a Spiritual Leader or not. If a student in this course wishes to continue in the School of Spiritual Leadership, these courses will count as part of the program.

We thank the committee that has developed this program:
Dr. Bob Deen
Dr. Rebeka Pina
Rev. Guy Williams
Rev. Mark Gilbert
Dr. Kathy Hearn
Rev. Ogla Silva

CSL Escuela Liderazgo Espiritual

CSL Spiritual Leadership School

Be a Science of Mind Spiritual Leader

The School of Spiritual Leadership (ELE in spanish) has designed a 3-5 year program to prepare and educate people for certification in studies of consciousness. These courses can be taken in any order and started at any time.
This is an accredited program that fosters personal growth and transformation, increases leadership skills, explores New Thought philosophy, and ignites creative expression.
This unique program is dedicated to the education of spiritual leaders by offering an extraordinary distance education program in Consciousness Studies in the areas of education, leadership, philosophy, science and spirituality, psychology and religion.
Our spirits are turned on when we are doing what we love.

You will find that your ELE experience is unlike any other route you have ever traveled. Prepare to immerse yourself in the great spiritual, philosophical and scientific teachings of the world and through them deepen your practice of spiritual leadership. Our dedicated students find lifelong friends among their classmates, and they love their personal growth and development in ELE.
Facilitated by experts in the different disciplines. The program includes an interesting, highly spiritual curriculum.

For our classes we use cutting-edge technology: a virtual platform where you can find all the class material, share your ideas and discoveries, stay in private communication with your classmates through Forums. The learning platform is accessible 24 hours a day. To communicate by sound and video we use videoconferences during weekly classes. If required, we have an advisor on hand to train you in technology before class begins. The classes are recorded and a log of everything written is kept.

Requirements: The course is only available to Practitioners of Science of Mind, as well as Practitioners in training attending Year 2.

Enrollment Requirementes (spanish only):

Technological requirements:
  • High speed internet access (3MB or more)
  • Basic knowledge (or better) of Word or another word processor. You will need to create essays and present projects.
  • Access (with privacy) to computer with headphones, microphone and camcorder.
Any new interested party will first have a personal interview of approximately 15 minutes to clarify doubts and decide if this teaching system is appropriate for their needs.

Fee: 260 USD

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