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LAD 301 Organization and Effective Management for Non-profit Institutions (ELE) (ONLINE)
Learn to Create, Manage and Lead a Healthy Spiritual Organization

Date: Monday March 14 - May 22, 2022 | 6pm Mexico | 7pm Peru | 5pm California | 9pm Argentina

Schedule: 6 - 8pm Mexico

Duration: 8 Classes


: Linda Villegas Bremer, MBA in Financial Administration
Assistant Teachers: Dr. Rebeka Piña D.D and Ada Demitrópulos

Linda Villegas Bremer is a distinguished Latina from Olympia, Washington; Strategic planning consultant for nonprofit organizations, graduated from Harvard and Duke Universities, and Science of Mind Practitioner. She is an MBA in Financial Administration, being an executive in this specialty for more than 30 years. She has done training, strategic planning and project management as a consultant.

Course objective
Explore the essential roles and responsibilities for creating, managing, and leading a healthy spiritual organization. The course addresses the executive role and responsibility of the Spiritual Leader, with an emphasis on developing and evaluating the health of a spiritual community.

Required Textbooks
THE BELOVED COMMUNITY, by Dr. Jim Lockhard (private translation included in the course, courtesy of the author)
KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS 2.0, by Tom Rath (can be purchased from Amazon)

Be a Spiritual Leader of Mind Science

The School of Spiritual Leadership (ELE) has designed a 3-5 year program to prepare and educate people to achieve a certification in studies of conscience. These courses can be taken in any order and can be started at any time.
This is an accredited program that fosters personal growth and transformation, increases leadership skills, explores New Thought philosophy, and ignites creative expression.
This unique program is dedicated to the education of spiritual leaders by offering an extraordinary distance learning program in Consciousness Studies in the areas of education, leadership, philosophy, science and spirituality, psychology and religion.
Our spirits light up when we are doing what we love.

You will find that your ELE experience is unlike any other route you have traveled. Prepare to immerse yourself in the great spiritual, philosophical, and scientific teachings of the world and, through them, deepen your practice of spiritual leadership. Our dedicated students find lifelong friends among their classmates, and love their personal growth and development at ELE.
Facilitated by experts in different disciplines. The program includes an interesting, highly spiritual curriculum.

For our classes we use cutting-edge technology: a virtual platform where you can find all the class material, share your ideas and discoveries, keep yourself in private communication with your classmates through Forums. The learning platform is accessible 24 hours a day. To communicate by sound and video we use video conferences during weekly classes. If required, we have an advisor on hand to train you in technology before the start of class. Classes are recorded and a log of everything written is kept.


The course is only available to Science of Mind Practitioners.

Registration requirements (spanish only):

Technological Requirements:

  • High speed internet access (3 MB or more)
  • Basic (or better) knowledge of Word or another word processor. You will need to create essays and submit projects.
  • Access (with privacy) to computer with headphones, microphone and webcam.
  • To be admitted to the course, click on Request Interview and fill out the form. 

Any new interested party will first have a personal interview of approximately 15 minutes to clarify doubts and decide if this teaching system is appropriate to their needs.

Fee: $200 USD (Cuota con descuento durante 2021, en apoyo a nuestros estudiantes afectados por la contingencia sanitaria)

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