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LAD 304 Online Facilitator I (ELE) (ONLINE)
Learn New Platforms for your Classes and Workshops

Date: Monday March 13 | 6pm Mexico | 5pm California | 7pm Peru, Colombia | 9pm Argentina

Schedule: 6-8 pm Mexico

Duration: 8 Classes


Facilitated by: Ada Demitrópulos and a team of professional assistants

​Take your virtual knowledge to the next level. Learn how to successfully facilitate online classes using current technological tools and innovative digital resources by creating interactive, engaging and impactful classes. In this 8-week course we invite you to explore the communication and learning platforms, the most popular networks and the different free online applications that will help you create high-reach publications, meaningful learning content connecting with your creative field.

You will gain skills to develop constructive learning experiences, fostering teamwork, and proposing communication content with a dynamic style, rich in resources and of excellence. Each class has a relevant theme that encourages you to discover a world of possibilities. With a methodology of Inverted Classes and the implementation of the unique virtual laboratory, you will be able to carry out all the necessary practices and establish yourself in the new knowledge.

Class 1: Communication Platforms- Zoom
Class 2: Learning Platform- WA- FB- IG
Class 3 and 4: Online Editors for Presentations, Post, Banner, Newsletter
Class 5 and 6: Video Editor: Make reels, shorts, videos
Class 7 and 8: Audio Editor: Create your podcasts, meditations

For our classes we use cutting-edge technology: a virtual platform where you can find all the class material, share your ideas and discoveries, stay in private communication with your classmates through Forums. The learning platform is accessible 24 hours a day. To communicate we use videoconferences during weekly classes. If you require it, we have an advisor on hand to train you in technology before the class starts. Classes are recorded and a log of everything written is saved.

Classes are recorded at your disposal; so in case of absence you can listen to everything that was said, see the presentations that were made, listen to the meditations and / or recorded exercises and send your questions and comments. The material is available to students 24 hours and up to three weeks after completing the course.

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Enrollment Requirements (spanish only):

Technological Requirementes:
  • It is important to have basic knowledge of the Internet
  • High speed internet access (3 MB or more)
  • Basic (or better) knowledge of Word or another word processor. You will need to create essays and submit projects.
  • Access (with privacy) to computer with headphones, microphone and camcorder.
  • To be admitted to the course, you must have an interview first with the Facilitator.


Credit Hours: 0

Fee: 260 USD

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