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This Thing Called You (ONLINE)
Discover Your True Relationship with Life

Date: Martes 17 oct| 6:30pm México | 7:30pm Perú, Colombia | 5:30pm California

Schedule: 6:30 - 9:00 pm México

Duration: 8 Classes


Online Course

Facilitado por: Pablo Marfil, Director Espiritual.
Facilitadora asistente: Magnolia Carreón RScP.

​Contáctanos en WhatsApp+525510200881


This course, based on the book of the same title "This Something Called You" by Ernest Holmes, covers the field of modern spiritual psychology. It shows, through a series of explanations, the relationship of the individual with life, and includes abundant themes that contain inspiration and meditation to help himself in multiple matters of daily life, including for the restoration of health, that the student can use immediately directly and simply.

Ernest Holmes' teaching is based on the belief that there is a universal law of cause and effect at work in the life of humanity that is fundamentally mental and spiritual. He called his philosophy a science because "it can be taught, it can be learned and it can be applied consciously with the certainty of obtaining repeatable and defined results".


The objective of this course is for the student to learn the most important lesson: how it is an immutable part of the flow of life, and how it can fulfill the longing, within all of us, to live more fully; through reading, dialogue and practice of the following topics:

  • Introduction to Science of Mind
    Who is Ernest Holmes and what is the Science of Mind?
  • The Momentum in You
    What is the only thing that stands between me and the manifestation of my desires?
  • The Use of Universal Laws
    What is the Law of Life and how does it work?
  • The Power Within You
    How can I affirm positively when I am experiencing negative situations?
  • Deliberate Practice
    What are my True Intentions?
  • The Divine Guide
    How can I live through the Divine Guide?
  • The Eternity
    Am I an Eternal Being?
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For our classes we use state-of-the-art technology: a virtual platform where you can find all the material of the class, share your ideas and discoveries, stay in private communication with your colleagues through forums. The learning platform is accessible 24 hours a day. To communicate we use video conferences during the weekly classes. If you require it, we have an advisor on hand to train you in the technology before the start of the class. Classes are recorded and a log of everything written is saved.

Classes are limited to 12 students, in order to support each student in the most personal way possible. Classes consist of 3 hours in current time and are recorded; so that in case of absence you can listen to everything that was said, see the presentations that were made, listen to the meditations and / or recorded exercises and send your questions and comments. The material is available to students 24 hours a day and up to three weeks after completing the course.

Requirements: Technological requirements:

  • High-speed internet access (3 MB or more)
  • Basic knowledge (or better) of Word or another word processor. It will be necessary to create trials and present projects.
  • Access (with privacy) to a computer with a headset, microphone and webcam.​
​All new interested will first have a personal interview of approximately 15 minutes, to clarify doubts and decide if this teaching system is appropriate for the interested party.

Credit Hours: 20

Fee: 190 USD por las 8 clases

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