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CSL Convention of The Americas
Chapala, Mexico | August 6-10, 2019

Date: Soon


Please, visit our Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this page.
If you still want to register for a trip to the Pyramids of Guachimontones, send us a message here:

Our rooms at Hotel Montecarlo are sold out!
You can still register to attend the Convention, Excursions and Gala Night, click on the Register button and follow the instructions.
These are some options of other nearby hotels in which you can stay:
Hotel Villa San Francisco
Hotel Lake Chapala Inn

Mexico is calling you to a journey inward to your sacred self when you attend the “Science of Mind Convention of the Americas” in August.

As a rich and colorful "sarape", spiritual encounters are woven into this bilingual international retreat through its surroundings, where you will connect with like-minded souls from Latin America, the United States and Canada; before, during and after this annual event whose all-inclusive retreat will take place from August 6 to 10, in addition to other activities and optional excursions from August 3 to 5, near Guadalajara in a spiritual vortex on the shores of the lake Chapala, surrounded by volcanoes.

Choose from optional day trips such as:
Temazcal (sweat lodge); exploration of the Guachimontones mound pyramids; boat trip to Mezcala Island; sacred pilgrimage site of the Huichol Indians.

Click here for more information about Excursions

The all-inclusive Convention price includes the retreat conference, hotel and buffet meals. 

The event will hold your sacred self daily with its morning yoga practice, uplifting music, afternoon meditation, and inspirational workshops by new thought leaders in English and Spanish, (simultaneously translated through provided audiophones— just like at the UN!) AND for morning free time August 8 soul enriching options or just relax at the hotel’s lakeside or thermal swimming pools.

Videos of Dr. Kenn Gordon, Rev. David Bruner and Rev. John Waterhouse


Montecarlo Hotel

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made on, or before, July 5, 2019: 75% refund.
Cancellations made on, or before, July 20, 2019: 50% refund.
Cancellations made on or later than July 21, 2019: No Refund.
However, reservations are transferable. 
No exceptions. We appreciate your understanding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?
Chapala is about 35 minutes south of Guadalajara International Airport (GDL)  by Uber at a cost of about $500 MX Pesos ($30 USD) or cab for $650 MX Pesos ($36 USD).
  • Uber (recommended): Uber is reliable, affordable and most transparent around charges. Contact Uber from your phone app entering as destination "Hotel Villa Montecarlo Chapala" located on Avenida Hidalgo 296, Chapala, Jalisco. Your driver should pick you up at the OXXO convenience store located across the street from National Arrivals. If your smartphone does not have service in Mexico, you can use the WiFi offered for free at Starbucks in the International Arrivals area. Just buy anything at Starbucks and use the login and password printed on your purchase ticket. If you called Uber on WiFi, wait until your ride is nearby before you proceed to OXXO, as there is no WiFi available there.
  • Cab: Cabs are more expensive than Uber. It is recommended to use only the pre-pay cab booths located in the International Arrivals area instead of negotiating directly with drivers. Tell the attendant at any of the booths that you are going to "Hotel Villa Montecarlo Chapala" located on Avenida Hidalgo 296, Chapala, Jalisco. Present your receipt to the cab attendant outside the front door. 

How is money handled?
All meal expenses during the convention are included in your registration, except if you chose not to attend the Gala Night on Friday. If you have an All-Inclusive reservation, your accommodation cost is included too. For incidentals we suggest you stop at the airport either at a Casa de Cambio to exchange US/Canadian currency for pesos or go to an ATM machine with your debit card and make a withdrawal for a fee of about $3 USD.  Most machines have an on-screen English language option. MX Peso/USD exchange at this time is fluctuating around $20 MX Pesos per $1 US Dollar. Do not plan to use the US dollar as you may have done years ago in your Mexico travels. Before your trip, call the phone number on your credit and bank cards you plan to use to give them the heads up and dates that you will be in Mexico.

What's the weather and how do I dress?
High daytime Fahrenheit temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's; nighttime lows will be in the 50's. With the mile high altitude, it cools down in the evening and is still cool in the early morning. Do bring a light jacket with you as afternoon or evening rain can cause cool temperatures.

Dress is casual or business casual except for the Gala Night event, when you have the choice to go "all out", but not required. Most of attendees wear cocktail attires. Bring your bathing suit for pool swimming or thermal pool soaking at the hotel and suitable walking shoes if you plan to walk the few blocks into the main street and boardwalk of Chapala or Ajijic. We may have rain during the late afternoon/evening hours or in the middle of the night, but days should be clear and sunny. Bring comfortable walking shoes appropriate for cobblestone streets or even trail hiking in the mountains of Chapala.

What about language?
The presentations on the main stage will be simultaneously translated (just like the U.N.) You will trade an ID like your driver's license to the technicians for your audio equipment each morning on the way in to the room. We will have 100% control of the hotel facilities with no outside guests in the rooms on campus during the event, so there will likely always be an English speaker and perhaps a bilingual one nearby. Chapala itself is populated by many English speakers--native and Mexican. And the language of the heart is always understood. Translator app for your smart phone might be fun but is not necessary.

How far is it to the shopping areas?

There is a drug store across the street from Hotel Villa Montecarlo. Villa San Francisco and Chapala Inn hotels are located downtown Chapala and there are different stores and pharmacies in the vicinity. The main shopping street and daily market in Chapala are less than a mile away from Villa Montecarlo. That main shopping street also dead-ends into the lakefront and there are many vendors stalls and some restaurants and play area parks along the boardwalk/beach area of the lake front. You may walk, take the bus or call a cab from reception area. A cab will cost about $5 USD each way. Alternatively, Ajijic is located 5 miles away and it has exquisite art galleries and dining options. A cab to Ajijic will cost $15 USD each way. 

How may I book extra days at Hotel Villa Montecarlo?
If you plan to arrive before August 6 or to leave after August 10 (for example, attending an optional excursion on Saturday) you are encouraged to request additional hotel nights during your registration. You can also contact to book your room ahead of or after the event if you did not do it during registration.

What about passports and visas?
The US government requires you to have a US passport to fly back into the US and US airlines require you to have one to fly to Mexico.  Your passport should have an expiration date that is at least six months after your entry date to Mexico.  Your Tourist Permit Visa paper forms and instructions will be provided to you on your international flight to Mexico and you provide the document you filled out and your passport  to the Mexican immigration officials after landing. On most US based international flights your head tax for entering Mexico is included in the airline ticket price. If you are crossing in to Mexico by land other options are available to you regarding your travel to the interior. Contact Peggy Shinn in New Mexico at,  if you plan to cross the border on land and travel via Mexican domestic airline and need information.

​What about special dietary needs for the included meals?
Please contact us at after you have completed your registration and paid to communicate to him your dietary needs.  Please note that, except for the last night Gala dinner, all meals are served buffet style and the chef does include sufficient vegetables, fruits and non dairy and non-wheat items to provide a hearty meal from those components. You are on your own honor to select what is best for your nutrition and avoid the other foods and dessert tables if they contain ingredients not on your food plan.  For the Gala night plated meal we will be taking orders on Thursday for vegetarian plates.

Interested in having a vendor table at the Convention?

If you wish to have a vendor booth at the convention write to
To submit a Vendor Application, click here Solicitud de Vendedor

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